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Name:William 'Morris' Walters
Name: William Morris Walters
Age: Sixty something
Occupation: Former LA County Sheriff
Fandom: Marvel

Wife: Elaine (née Banner) Walters (wife, deceased), Louise "Weezie" Grant Mason Walters aka The Blonde Fantom
Daughter: Jennifer Walters aka The She-Hulk
Nephew: Bruce Banner aka The Hulk

William Walters is a hard working man who believes in civil services and the justice system. He worked his way up through the chain of command to become Sheriff for LA county and stayed in the position for a long time. He was a very capable and driven man who tried to be there for his wife and daughter as much as possible. When his sister-in-law sent his nephew to stay with them during the summers to escape the abuse of his father, William tried to offer him a positive presence.

William tried his best, but he didn't always balance things perfectly. It would be a difficult job in the best of times, but with his frequent clashes with the mob boss Nicholas Trask, things were extremely tense. Then his wife was killed in a car wreck. A car wreck that William will believe until the day he dies was arranged by Trask. It left him alone with a young teenage daughter who was extremely earnest and slightly withdrawn. She became a fixture in his workplace, both to keep her safe and to reassure himself she wouldn't be dealing with things alone.

When she went to UCLA, he fell into the habits of a bachelor and didn't really leave them for years to come. At best he had moments of pride, either with busts accomplished by his department or his daughter's accomplishments. Watching her graduate from law school Summa Cum Laude with order of the coif was one of those points, also tinged with a sorrow that had always come watching her isolation. Unsure of what to do for her, he did what he always did and threw himself into his work.

Jennifer was almost killed by a hit put out on her by Nicholas Trask when she took up his old mantle of challenging him. It almost destroyed him, but by some miracle she survived. Almost worse when the giant green menace that arrived after her attack, and that he chased so aggressively, turned out to be his own daughter. Watching her become a hero who came out of her shell was a mixed bag for him. On one side, there were threats on her life and her reputation didn't make him happy. On the other hand, she was good at it. He learned to only pay attention to good news and let everything roll off his back.

Which is just as well, because without her work, he might have spent the rest of his life working himself into the ground. Instead, he met and fell in love with Jennifer's secretary, a former golden age heroine. They married and she has been a source of comfort, affection, and excitement ever since. Which is probably the only reason he ever felt comfortable enough to retire.

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